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Mahavishnu Kshetram


The Inner Sanctum
The Inner Sanctum of Thrikodithanam Temple Complex

THE Mahavishnu Kshetram at Thrikodithanam is one of the five ancient "Pancha-Pandava" temples in Kerala and is specially associated with Sahadeva, youngest of the five Pandava princes. This temple is also counted among the 108 Temples & Celestial Abodes of Vishnu, which make a Vaishnavite`s pilgrimage itinerary, in India.

View from across the pond

Earliest references to this temple appear in the poems and hymns composed by the greatest of Alvar saints - Nammalvar, in 800 AD. Old stone inscriptions in the temple date it back to the second Chera Empire (800 - 1102 AD).  

This website attempts to create a live resource-base on history, mythology, rituals, art and architecture associated with this ancient heritage site. In the process, it seeks to build awareness and initiate community-level intervention for restoration and preservation of the temple`s unique ambience.

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Elamkoottile vaathil

Introduction to Temples of Kerala
Unlike the grand and colossal granite structures of Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country, temples in Kerala are simple yet elegant in construction, relying greatly on wood and laterite...
The Thrikodithanam Temple Complex
The main temple is centered in a large, spacious compound. Within its ancient boundary walls are many unique features...
History of Thrikodithanam
This little village in south Kerala was also once the capital city of a kingdom called Naanrulainattu, about 1300 years ago...
Deities & Mythology
Apart from Maha-Vishnu, the temple complex is home to numerous other gods and spirits. And there are reasons for each of them occupying a specific place in the temple...
Traditions, Rituals & Festivals
The daily pujas which are offered during the day and the spectacular DEEPA festival in Vrishchigom (Nov.-Dec.)... 
Inscriptions & Mural Paintings
Stone inscriptions and mural paintings which tell us about the life and times of a bygone era... 

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